Thursday, March 20, 2008

AWG= Cold, cold more cold and PTARMIGAN?!

Fweee. Okay AWG went well. But there was some maijor cold. Every morning it was -30 c.
- 3 0 c. ( I think I'll shrivel up and die now. )
I was appaled too. None of our races got cancled though and that is nice. Some more interesting thing were added to biathlon. WE HAD DQ LINES! O the horror. There was a little line on either side of you're lane. And if you're ski went over it you got the DQ. 'Nuf said. So on our last race we were all shivering with cold and then out of the blue someine yells, " PTARMIGAN! " And sure enough there were a few ptarmigan scuttling around the range area. We of course thought that was darling and the cameras shot out faster than our rifles. It was a fun trip. Lots of cold lots of fun lots of, PTARMIGAN?! Ehhhh, there were so many games of ER ( Egyptian Ratscrew. ) That most of us could not feel out foreheads by the end of the trip. Oh yes good good fun. I will put up some of the ptarmigan photos soon. Oh and for those who wondered, I'M DONE WITH ECLIPSE. ( So is Trixi. )I will now leave you with the team picture.

=3 Zoey

Sunday, March 2, 2008

No really I swear!

Yes yes Zoey isnt dead. I'm just playng dead. Ha! Take that.
I have been lacking insparation and working on AWG stoof.
That and the ever present reading. I've been neglecting my poor old blog so why dont I go in for a long one eh?

Yes that is right for all you dear teilight readers out there. DONT SAY A THING I'M WAITING FOR ECLIPSE!
I would talk about it more but seeing that Trixi over there is still on Twilight my speech is limeted. ><"
I really will try and post more form Yellowknife.
Oh and on that Subject I'm leaving in Six days! YES SIX DAYS!
Ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Yes I will shut up and leave now I'm probably scaring you all.
* Yes yes I know Chatspeak but it was called for!