Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Okay so you're all wondering who the heck is Picasso. Well he is a tiny Black capped chickadee that we rescued from a cat. We drove him down to the Bird TLC. And had a slight explosion at the parking lot. Picasso got out of his box and ended up in the crack between my seat and the door. Well we calmed him down and put him back in his box. The took him in and Vivi broke down in the car. Oh and Happy 5th Viv!


Here he is!

If you want to see more go to Trixie's blog. * points to blog roll. *


So if you hadnt noticed I have been really inactive. No posts after the snow melts. The summer was spent almost completely in London,Paris and SC. The birding in the latter was wonder ful. Snowy and White Erets. Male Painted buntings. ( con sidered a bragging right. ) And probably the best, White and Glossy Ibises. Sadly my camera has no zoom whatsoever, so pictures are limeted. I ahve been catching up with the birdies around here. Mainly Chickadees and your average Downy Woodpecker. This afternoon we had some interesting adventures and named Picasso. But thats another post.