Monday, December 31, 2007

Yay for Manga Drafts!

Okay I'll be amazed if anyone can make out my lettering on this.
This is what a manga episode looks like before it goes through everything else.

Note that this manga reads right to left. O.0

Birds Blogs Biathalon and Manga

Hia there my poor un posted blog readers. ( A staggering 1 ) I'm here to make another exuse for being inactive. Between Birding. ( Me and mom are attempting to trackdown a runaway Brambling. ) Biathalon ( The trials are in ten days. ) And drawing manga for a site I'm on. ( Oh the writers cramp. ) And setting up a graphics blog. ( Tis called Venomworks I'll give the link in a bit. ) I'm kinda busy. The manga is going well. I'll put the link up soon. Currently it's in the hands of my background artist. We are still debating weather to do it in color or the traditonal black and white. I'll post up the finished first part of the inro in about a week. ( Darn this is becoming a lond post. =^.^= ) I've also been reading ( and agreeing with. ) Pheobes blog. It really is good. I will make up for the lack of pictures with a cute little smile.