Monday, June 16, 2008

Contest time!!

Hello I am dearly sorry for my recent inactivity. I've been busy. But I've changed my layout and have a new contest Idea!
Okay so I've been watching InuYasha lately and when I saw the title of the first episode I thought ( after falling of my chair in hystarics. ) Awsome. So It's contest time! I want to know all those funny episode names you have!
Show: InuYasha
Link: ( optinal if you put brief summery. )
Brief Summery: ( see above )
Episode name: The Girl who over came time, And the Boy who was simply overcome.
You're rating: (1-10) 10.
I'll have my links up later. If you are going to join post a comment saying join and then post you're entry on you're blog!
Enjoy and Have fun!
~ Zoey

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Ah lookie what I've found......

Remember that manga I told you about? [full moon wo sagashite] Well Invisionfree is down right now so I'm browsing Youtube. Arina Tanemura has an older animae too. Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne Good no? Enjoy!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

This is what happens.

Yes this is what happens when you hang around the Warriors Wish Twilight Thread. Please only got here if you have read Warriors. Or you'll be out of your depth. Yes that is what happens be afriad...... 'Cause Lynxie Told you so.
Oh and on the topic of Vampires and Fangirlsss.

Zoey and Pheobe take a walk on the twilight set. Pt1
Zoey: Whats with Edward?
Bella: I think he is just fine!
Zoey: But look! * brandishes pic of Cederic Diggory * He's a wizard!
Bella: Uhhh....I lost you.
Zoey: Note he was a wizard that got killed just a few chapters after he was introduced but hey!
Bella: Is not!
Zoey: Is too!
Bella: * rolls eyes. * I'm leaving.
Zoey: Good bye! -I still think Eddie looks off-
- A few min later. -
Zoey: Hia Jasper!
Jasper: Hello?
Zoey: I'm taking a petition, how many crazed fangirls do you get mobbed by a day?
Jasper: Well actually I dont get any.
Zoey: Why?
Alice: * Punts Zoey off set. *
Jasper: Thats why......
It also comes with this picture:

Oh wait thats A velociraptor.....

And for those who couldnt read the Lyrics:
here's a cullen
there's a cullen
and another little cullen
fuzzy cullen
funny cullen

cullen cullen werewolf cullen
grizzly muffin piano cullen
cullen cullen bracelet cullen
cullen cullen truck

i was once a volvo
cedward baked a cake
but(t) i never saw the way
the bella kissed the jake

i was only just undead
alice told a tale
and now listen
bella, dear
jacob wags his tail

did you ever see a cullen
kiss a cullen
on the cullen
cullen's cullen
tastes of cullen

half a cullen
twice the cullen
not a cullen
newton cullen
cullen in a car
alarm a

is this how it's told now
aro is so old
is it made of venom juice

alice likes to spend the cash
jacob's out of luck
and in the final chapter
he imprints with a duck
~ Zoey

Sunday, April 27, 2008

I recomend. #2

I know the amount of Warriors readers on Blogger are few and far between. But hey, lets give it a shot. No?

Well I love the books and you should all read them. And after you have you should check out the link at the top of the page. And I hope you all know my other blog Venom I doubt you do, it fairly new. But I really need some helpers for codeing. But coding know is not needed. =33 But having read at least the first book is mandatory. Please go to Venom and E-mail me at the adress provided there to apply for a job on CoTG.


I am staring you down!

Says this pretty male redpoll. My dad took this a few days ago. Last afternoon I saw my first Junco of the season! Pretty cool huh? I dont have the pictures up yes. So the next post will be grand!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I reccomend. ** NEW**

I have decided to recomend at least one thing a week on this great blog! Todays is Full Moon wo saga sh1te. The animae is good but you should read the manga too! =33

Oh and I'm still waiting for a request on Venom! =33333

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ooh, you should look into this!

Sorry for my pitiful lack of posts. ><" Well as you can see I've changed the look of my blog... Again!!!!! But my beautiful logo is made by me! o.0"" But the picture credit goes to Trixie If you want one made just let me know! You could do it through comments or you could *email me or you could post it.... I have no problems with any of those options. =33 Thanks for reading, you can count on more posts soon!

~ Zoey

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